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Catalog and Marketing Tips

catalogCatalogs are great sales tools, designed to generate leads or direct sales. Many businesses still use catalogs to market, list and sell their services and products. They may offer their catalog on a flash drive or CD but it’s still a catalog. Most still find it easier to flip through a printed version. In this world of social media and e-mails catalogs are still a very popular and effective way of advertising your services, business, and products. For many, a catalog is a key tool in their marketing plan, enhancing other initiatives like email and social marketing and other printed products, such as brochures, flyers and postcards. Catalogs are also a great way to present a lot of information to your customers and potential customers. Studies have shown catalogs last longer in businesses and homes of customers, where they scan and refer back to them for ordering and product knowledge, keeping your product, services, and company information in front of them.

Before you jump off the deep end and print a catalog there are some things you need to know:

1. Research, Research… and then maybe do a little more Research

Do you know who your target audience is? If not, you need to figure that out. Evaluate whom you want to send your catalog out to in order to obtain the most return on your investment. BEFORE you do anything else ask yourself the following questions:

A) what age groups are I targeting?
B) am I marketing to a male/female group?
C) what income level is my target audience (if applicable)?
D) if targeting businesses – what type business would use or benefit from my product or services? Make an extensive list.
E) is there a specific geographic area? Ex. 50 mile radius

Additionally, survey your customers to find out more about what they purchase, would they like to see you carry any other products/services? Ask them if you have good customer service or do you need to improve? Your goal should be to provide to your ideal customers something they find beneficial and valuable, while at the same time providing excellent customer service. Without good customer service you can forget it. Customers want and expect good customer service.

2. Details, Details, Details

OK, you’ve done your home work and you now know who your target audience is. You probably thought the hard part was over. Sorry, it’s just beginning! Now that you have determined who your target audience is you need to figure out what products or services you want to include in your catalog in order to obtain the most return on your investment. Pricing for catalogs has gotten much more economical with new printing methods but you still don’t want to waste your time or money. Review your sales reports, and see what your top selling products are. Do you have a new line of products you want to introduce? Are there any new products you want to add from customer requests? How many pages would you like your catalog to be?

Do you previously have a catalog? If so, review it with all this in mind and edit it.

3. Location, Location, Location

We have all gone into stores, and notice the “best sellers” are placed near eye-level, usually in a prominent location so that they get your attention. Think of your catalog in the same way. You want your “best sellers” or maybe your new items to be placed in a prominent location with a very flattering layout and nice clean copy. They would probably appear near the front of the book, unless you do a really nice center page layout.

4. Copy, Copy, Copy

As well as making your catalog look good visually you want to make sure you write good catalog copy that sells. In order to create good copy you must understand why customers buy from catalogs. Below are six reasons customers purchase from catalogs:

A. Saving money is the number one motivator for anyone to order your product or services instead of your competitor’s. Your catalog should stress cost savings. Place this on your cover, on your order form, on every page of your catalog, on each item where it is applicable. Get creative if you can retail vs. your price.

B. The buyer wants to make sure they are buying the correct product from a trustworthy vendor. How do they determine this?

Make sure your copy has clear and concise specs for all products or services listed.

Use testimonials. Include quotations from satisfied customers who praise your products or services in your catalog.

Guarantee. Offer a refund or replacement, if your product or services should fail to perform as promised. Remember – offer good quality customer service.

List a few facts about your company or product – years in the business, number of employees, number of locations, annual sales, etc.

C. Customers buy products for a few reasons: to resell the products at a profit, as a gift, or to use them for their business, personal, or home. In your catalog copy you must stress the benefit your customer will receive by purchasing from you. How he can make money, save money, quality service, an exceptional quality product, streamline production. You get the idea.

D. Have you ever heard the saying “If it’s free it’s for me?” Everybody likes freebies – it doesn’t matter if they are a business executive, a group of buyers accustomed to freebies, or your sweet little ‘ole grandmother. Your catalog could offer the buyer a free gift in exchange for his order. If you do this display the gift prominently on the cover and make sure it’s a personal gift, not a discount or gift of merchandise to the company.

Popular gift items might include a gift card, pen and pencil sets, flash drive, calculators, mugs, charger, stylus pen, pedometer, T-shirts, or stress balls. Get creative, if you have a unique or popular item use that shape or idea. Ex. An electric company could give away a nightlight in the shape of a light bulb or if you promote a “better idea” in your catalog you could utilize a light bulb shape.

E. Fulfill a Need or Want. A good catalog is a tool to use in order to obtain valuable and much needed information regarding the product. The more your catalog and its contents fulfill a need or service, the more likely the buyer is to order from you – again and again and again.

F. Solutions; your buyer isn’t looking for a specific product. He’s not you ask… he’s looking for a solution to a problem he or she has. Take advantage of this, be a problem solver. Have products or services in your catalog that show you can solve their problem, save them time and money. Again, stress the benefit to them. Offer convenience, make it easy. Can you say Cha ching!

Now that you are aware of what they are looking for it’s time for you to learn what makes for good copy. Be descriptive, paint them a picture, be precise, clear, and specific. Don’t be too technical unless the product requires you to be. State benefits or problem solving features for each item or service. Don’t crowd your pages, keep it nice looking and easy to read. Pick a clean font and easy to read colors. Keep in mind your catalog pages must be divisible by four unless you want to have a blank page for notes.

Make it easy for them to order. List a web site, phone number, e-mail, any contact information where they may place an order. Make it very clear. Some companies put the contact/order information on the bottom of every page of their catalogs. If you only put your contact/order information in one or two places make your order/contact info very prominent. Make sure it stands out.

Oh and did I mention, tell them how your products or services will benefit them. Stress what’s in it for them.

5. Follow up… Check back

OK, you’ve sent your catalog out so now you can sit back, relax, put you feet up and just wait for those orders to roll in. NOT! Your catalog may be out to your distributors, on desktops, counters or in the hands of the customer, but that does not mean it is doing everything it can for you. You have invested a lot of time and money so you want to make the most of this marketing piece. Customers are overwhelmed with advertising. You don’t want your catalog to get lost in the shuffle. There are several ways to get your catalog noticed. Follow up with sales calls, phone calls, e-mails, or frequent mailings of flyers or postcards to keep your name, product or service at the forefront. Remind them about any special offers, those freebies we talked about above, new products, services, or brands that are in your catalog. Keep marketing, driving attention back to your catalog.

6. Analyze – (yes, you heard me right)

Now for some detective work. Analyze the performance of your catalog. This is where many people fail. This is a very important part of your catalog marketing project or any marketing effort. Keep a spread sheet, track all of your results noting what worked and what didn’t; what sold, what didn’t? Be very specific. Did my sales go up? What products sold, what didn’t? Check with some of those very good customers you have, get their feedback. This is a critical tool for all future catalogs or marketing efforts. You don’t want to repeat products, copy, or efforts that weren’t successful. Remember, evaluate everything; not just the products, services, or copy you have included in your catalog but whom it was sent to, the time of year it was sent out, the colors used in the printing, are the pages clear and concise, and any other items you can scrutinize to improve your catalog. Keep editing and tweeking.


Marketing Ideas

GoPro’s Marketing Strategy

download (2)GoPro is the action camera that is used by athletes that play sports, and participate in adventures. GoPro was founded in 2002 by Nick Woodman, who came up with the idea of developing this camera when he was trying to create surfing videos. The difference between a “normal” camera and the “GoPro” camera is the GoPro is the type of camera that makes people say “wow”. It is waterproof, light weight and is the perfect camera for sport enthusiast that want to make a first person video that allows people to share the experience and what it is like to be there all for an affordable price. The GoPro camera is very easy to use and is easily able to be placed on many platforms, for example, such as a skateboard, surfboard or a helmet. The GoPro is a very small camera and the point of view and the quality allows a user to create a video that everyone will enjoy.

One important key point about marketing is never use automated messaging. GoPro never uses automated messaging when responding to customer’s complaints and reviews. GoPro Support is in charge of responding to customer’s messages, and they have always satisfied the customer by finding a solution to their issue, or by sending a replacement camera that is in the replacement warranty time period. In one response from GoPro Support, they offered a customer to work with a representative that is fluent in Portuguese, because the customer they were responding to lived in Brazil. The fact that GoPro’s customer support took the time to find a representative that is fluent in the same language rather than sending the customer an automated message shows that they are concerned and really want to create a relationship with the customer. When a customer understands what you will do to keep them satisfied it creates customer loyalty.

One customer had a camera that didn’t function properly and after a few emails, they had a new camera sent to them with no issues. This is another key point on marketing that GoPro does an excellent job with: listening and talking with customers. GoPro is consistently responding and retweeting to Twitter and YouTube messages, while allowing users to upload their own personal videos and sharing them to their four million subscribers. This positive feedback that GoPro’s customer service receives creates relationships with their customers, which leads to another marketing key point: consistency creates relationships.

GoPro started its marketing process by expanding their platform by partnering with multiple professional athletes, and becoming the main camera that is used at sporting events, such as the “X Games” and the Olympics. GoPro’s YouTube channel was started by professionals filming themselves skiing, surfing and participating in other sports and now builds momentum every day from their viewers on their website, which is directed from ads on social media websites and from Google.

GoPro generates some of the best commercials, because the footage is filmed in a revolutionary way that is new to the market. GoPro now has their own channel on certain platforms, such as YouTube and Xbox. You can stream between the millions of videos that are offered on the channel, which ranges from someone base-jumping to someone mounting a GoPro on their own pet. GoPro has released updated versions of their cameras in the market every year, by making the camera quality better and the lenses size wider.

GoPro creates some of the most popular photos and videos that are uploaded to Instagram, Facebook and their YouTube page. GoPro allows users with YouTube accounts to upload videos to their account, and they decide which videos will be posted on the official GoPro account page. This method of allowing the customers to upload their own videos helps GoPro create their next products. They listen to the athletes who are sponsored by GoPro and the customers who use the camera and ask what they want in the next camera and GoPro simply creates what the customers wants. As stated again, if you listen and talk to your customers, you will have positive feedback.

GoPro has two key factors that sets them apart from their competition in the market. First of all, their camera provides a high quality video that no other action camera can provide. The GoPro has a wider lenses and even in the water proof case, it still records the video in high definition with quality sound. GoPro’s social media is going viral as well. Their YouTube page is the main page where they post videos, as well as their Instagram and a Facebook page. Allowing professional athletes to use their cameras and marketing in sporting events builds momentum in their customer base and social media. This is what another company can do to set themselves apart from other companies in their industry. If you design a product that an industry needs and will be different from what is out there, your product will be noticed and become a viral product. If you place that product where others will see the quality and what it does you will soon become a recognized expert, just like what GoPro did by sponsoring athletes and soon became the official camera for multiple sporting events. If your customer service is helpful and you listen and talk with your customers, and continue to satisfy them you will create a customer base that trusts you.

So, between the high quality videos that no other camera is capable of producing and their social media, GoPro is leading the market today. While dominating and creating momentum in their social media, continuing to listen and talk with their customers, GoPro is creating customer loyalty and relationships that will last as long as the customers are satisfied.

Marketing Ideas

10 Holiday Marketing Tips to Boost Festive Sales

images (1)Holidays are coming. People have begun to find out festive offers and discounts. Not only the blueberry pie cakes, Christmas candies but people are ready to buy any product or avail any service to maximize the joy of Christmas and obviously New Year is not going to be a miss! So if you have a business, you must be looking to boost your festive sales! And you have been trying several holiday marketing tips for the purpose. Whether it is sending e-cards, newsletters or redesigning your site in festive mood all is done with the hope of greater success.

Here are now 10 major holiday marketing tips that will certainly help boost your festive sales, provided, applied in a proper way. Let’s have a look:

    • Advertisements at proper places: The best of holiday marketing tips is spreading your offerings, discounts and all sorts of holiday messages to thousands of people for boosting festive sales. To achieve this target you may choose “AdWords” type of promotion campaign or go for displaying ads in popular web directories. Web directories return best as in directories you get targeted visitors looking for your sort of products or services. So you are getting opportunity to boost festive sales at very affordable cost in comparison to other holiday marketing tips or campaigns like “AdWords”.


    • Website re design: For attracting or keeping people engrossed you have to mold your website to the festive mood. While redesigning the sites use Christmas colors and symbols. Visitors coming to your site must feel that your site has something to offer them this holiday season. This is one of the major holiday marketing tips and it can make your festive sales skyrocket provided you have bestowed the responsibility of redesigning to expert designers.


    • Newsletter infused with festive spirit: Sending newsletters is always a good choice. But throwing your festive offers to newsletter readers can turn out to be one of the best holiday marketing tips. So there is higher possibility of increased festive sales if your special holiday season news is attractive enough to catch the attention of the viewers. Your business branding has to be strong enough in the newsletter. Here comes also the expertise of the designers and of course copy-writers.


    • Fantastic E-cards: Just when people are trying several holiday marketing tips to increase business, you can greet people with e-cards while your business possibility (increase of festive sales) still remains attached with it. You may ask your web designer to offer you best of graphics or animation for greeting the card receiver. And with those greetings you have to keep your business name identified with the festive offers. While those e-cards will reach people, your business and associated offers will lure them to visit website. Your festive sales will automatically increase.


    • Desktop wallpapers: Some would say how wallpapers are going to come in use as one of the holiday marketing tips? Basically the wallpapers are distributed free. And here is the point of making people attentive to your business. You can easily reach thousands with your promotional messages. Just when people would know that you provide free desktop wallpapers they would come to visit your site and the opportunity to entice them with offers increase heavily. So you may easily take wallpapers as a means of increasing festive sales for sure.


    • Hoardings or flyers: Just like other online holiday marketing tips hoardings or flyers would come in use while thinking of offline marketing. You may sponsor various festive seminars and at those places these giant flyers would brand your business. Now putting your offers to viewers you stand a chance of increasing festive sales. But they should be designed intelligently and aesthetically.


    • Seasonal product & services: On Christmas and New Year people would love to get something new from you! So offering them some new products or services would help to increase your festive sales. Now there may be a cry how it is one of the holiday marketing tips? Simply catching the trend of the season is the issue. You can not deny the fact that you yourself find new things on Christmas and New Year. So in every best possible way you have to present your products or services.


    • SMS marketing campaign: If you want to reach maximum number of people quick then short messaging system comes in use. This approach will help boost your festive sales if the message is catchy and juicy with offers & discounts. This campaign is another successful holiday marketing tips if the collection of database is strong enough with useful and varied numbers.


    • Content copy marketing: For boosting festive sales the power of words can be very useful. You may through press release, blogs or articles in directories or in your own site. The text content rich with your products or service information help in increasing sales. Article marketing is always highly considered as one of the subtle holiday marketing tips. You may even modify your website copy for better approach to the audience.


  • Use of social networks: Millions of people have social media profiles and these social networks are giving great chance to voice opinion. Why aren’t you using it for your product and service promotion? You can easily showcase your products or services on social profiles. Sharing these with your friends would help increase festive sales. And if your sharing is proper then this ploy would turn out to be as one of the best holiday marketing tips you can ever use within your afford and control! A SEO service provider will help you best in this regards.

Now from the above points it is clear that there are so many opportunities available, you have to choose convenient ones according to your budget for giving your festive sales a great boost. At the same time it is also evident that it may not be possible to apply all of these holiday marketing tips! So without waiting start marketing your products today!


Marketing Ideas

Supernatural Marketing

“Make the HEART of this people fat, and make their EARS heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their EYES, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and convert, and be healed” Isa 6:10

“For this people’s HEART is waxed gross, and their EARS are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them” Mat 13:15

There are three dimensions of marketing: FrontDoor Marketing, BackDoor Marketing, and Supernatural Marketing. Much of what is known and practiced in the marketplace is FrontDoor Marketing! Very little is known of BackDoor Marketing and much less is known of Supernatural Marketing! In marketing generally, the “Eyes,” “Ears,” and “Heart,” of potential customers are the major targets of all marketing efforts!

These three targets hold the key to prosperity and lack for businesses and their products and/or services in the marketplace! If these three important targets of your potential customers are closed against your products and/or services, you and your business will suffer neglect, lack, insignificance, and poverty in the marketplace! Conversely, if these three targets are opened in favour of your products and/or services, you and your business will enjoy unprecedented patronage, abundance, significance, and prosperity!

Satan has a mandate to close the “Eyes,” “Ears,” and “Heart,” of potential customers/clients in the marketplace against your business, products and/or services because you are a Christian doing business in the marketplace! This explains why many Christians struggle with business in the marketplace! Supernatural Marketing seeks to help Christians doing business in the marketplace to overcome this siege of the devil.

Why The Ears, Eyes & Heart Of Your Potential Customer Is So Important!

There are six fundamental reasons why the Ears, Eyes & Heart Of Your Potential Customer Is So Important!

Let’s check them out!


The first purpose of marketing is “Visibility.” Marketing makes your product or service perceptible or noticeable to the eyes, ears, and mind of your targeted client or customer, depending on the medium you employ. The eyes and ears are gates to the “Mind” of man. The more people see or hear about your product or service, the more it is ingrained into their mind until it is deep-rooted. Because your product or service is a seed at this initial stage of marketing, it soon begins to germinate when your marketing efforts is sustained.

If an organization sustains its marketing effort, before long, it would bear fruit. Take note, human response rate differ according to their personality. The reserved (introverts) ones are laggards, they are naturally inclined to foot-dragging. In contrast, the outgoing ones (extroverts) are naturally inclined to respond first to your marketing effort.

The above reasoning presupposes that if you do not embark on a sustained, focused, and targeted marketing, the public will be oblivious of your product and services and that could translates into eventual stagnation or collapse of your business.


Visibility of your product or service in the mind of your targeted customer over time creates a consciousness or awareness in the “Heart” of your targeted customers when sustained and spirited marketing is the watchword. Remember, conviction takes place in the heart. Until the customer is convinced in his or her heart to accept your product and service, there will not be patronage and repeated buying, which is the goal of every entrepreneur.

When you emphasis the unique value proposition or unique selling point of your product or service long enough through sustained marketing, your target group will understand its usefulness and this is how a market buzz and frenzy is created.

When the public are persuaded in their heart that your product or service is the first and best choice, they’ll respond voluntarily and positively to your organization’s offerings and that is what eventually attract your clients to you, when he or she have “Genuine” need of your product or service.


When your product or service is projected strong enough in the minds of your target customers through sustained marketing; it gets ingrained in their minds! After sometime, because the product or service remains constantly in focus, he begins to believe the benefits of the product or service is real. It won’t take long before he receives a suggestion from his mind to give the product or service a try.

Unconsciously, the customer has accepted the product or service because of the conviction in his mind that the product or service is worth giving it a try. Now, at this point, if the product or service is worth its salt, when the customer gives a try, he is convinced that the product or service is worth it. When the customer makes another effort to patronize the product or service again, he will be hooked because in the mouth of two or three witness, every product is established in the heart of the customer!


The resultant effect of visibility, awareness, and conviction of your product or service by your targeted customers is a positive “Mental attitude” – created by the Holy Spirit – that your product or service is believable, credible, and trustworthy and therefore, the customers accepts it as true and eventually prefers it above other products and services.

The question you want to ask yourself is, when people generally think of using the kind of product or service you are offering on a scale of 1 to 3, where does your offering stand. Instructively, the product or service that occupies the first two rungs of the scale will be more favoured in the order of their standing. It is your responsibility to get your product or service to this position!

Assuming the product you’re offering in the marketplace is a detergent and we have 50 potential customers in your “Coverage area” – and that varies in scope – that wants to buy one each. When they think in their mind of the best and preferred detergent to buy, where does your company’s brand stand in their mind? Where your brand stands in their minds, will be determined by three factors: the quality of your marketing, the quality of your product, and your customer service.


Sustained marketing gives your product or service a positive flight that galvanize it above others in your industry. Persistent marketing ingrain your brand permanently in the heart of your target customers. When the image or brand identification is ingrained in the hearts of your targeted customers; after they’ve used your product or service and found it satisfactory, they’d over time become habituated to it, which makes it a first choice in their decision making process.


When steps, 1-5 assumes a rhythmic flow in your business efficiency and effectiveness, your products and services will begin to find its way to more home, hands, and families. Over time, your product or service distribution begins to expand and extend over a wide sphere due to visibility, awareness, conviction, acceptance, and branding.

Your customers will begin to do word of mouth publicity of your products and services to friends, neighbours, and family. This is because they are satisfied with your product or service, because they believe that your organization have delivered on its promises!


Marketing Ideas

Aggressive Marketing

About marketing. Some procedures keep repeating themselves in different ways. Do not advertise, but hand out free samples. Then when you notice people are interested in your story, give them a limited amount of time (about one hour) in which they can buy a product at a huge discount. Afterwards the product is supposedly no longer available.

There are many video’s and webinars around that tell you in just one hour about their fantastic new innovation. To be able to chatter for a whole hour you constantly have to repeat yourself about how Secret, New, Fantastic and Life-Changing your product is and in what Enormous Way it will Help you to contact new clients. How rich you will become, enable you to serve your clients from an island in the Pacific, money pouring in while doing as little as possible. This will not be annoying for your new clients who from that moment on will eat up your every word, their wallets ready to purchase your next product. They will become your new ambassadors, your free advertisers.

This whole process of selling as much as possible and making people greedy for more annoys me. I dislike this pressure on people (during that one hour) on their impulse to buy until that impulse can no longer be denied, and the threat that the product will no longer be available afterwards. It is childish and a short-term accomplishment. If we want the world to have enough for us all isn’t is nicer to think about what we really need. What makes you happy? What do you need to live a decent life? What is pointless profusion?

Do you have to become a millionaire to acquire happiness? And then to give all that superfluous money to charity, to help ‘poor people’, beyond democracy and preferably taxes.

Perhaps my ideal world is too simple. I would wish for a world that has enough for everybody (not just humans). With enough food and enough intellectual guidance to conceive novelties for people to live a nice, loving life surrounded by friends and children. A world in which nature is respected and appreciated and seen as the eternal source people are also part of. A world that will remain flourishing after I pass over to another energy, death.

Not a world driven by economy, consuming and wasting everything before it is too late. Because before we realize it too late will be today, sooner than expected.


Marketing Ideas

Full Service Internet Marketing Services

Deciding to promote your business online is one that is taken lightly. Thousands of companies compete online on a daily basis. This opportunity has opened up doors for all sized companies in all industries, giving you the freedom to trade on a global scale.

While having a website designed, adding some products and information is great, it isn’t quite enough to ensure that your customer base sees your company among the hundreds of other companies around the world offering the same products or services. You need to focus heavily on your internet marketing to ensure that your online presence is enough to help your business grow moving forward, help you achieve online success and become a dominating competitor.

This means that you should consider a full service internet marketing service. Unless you have hours of time on your hands each day to focus on your online marketing efforts, hiring a professional company can give you the time and freedom you need to focus on the day to day running of your business while the service provider will focus on growing your business in an online environment.

The first thing you will find a full service internet marketing services provider will do is focus on your website. They need to ensure that it is optimized for your particular target audience. They should provide a complete website analysis, providing you with reports on what needs changing, what is working and possibly even, what pages to include to help you grow moving forward.

They will focus on SEO, search engine optimization, this will include local SEO where they will ensure that your address appears on each and every one of your web pages. Local SEO has become a valuable marketing tool and you need to follow the SEO guidelines to ensure that Google notices your company to help push you to the top of search engine results.

From here the full service internet marketing services provider will focus on all your on page optimization. This is your actual web pages. They will conduct a thorough analysis to ensure that you are using the right keywords to reach your target audience. They will also ensure the web pages you provide are valuable and give your customers the information they need.

The next step is focusing on your off page optimization, this includes your press releases, articles, blogs and more. The company should assist you with these marketing initiatives, helping you increase online brand visibility and direct your customers back to your website, where hopefully you will start seeing an increase in revenue moving forward.

Any reputable full service internet marketing services provider will ensure that they do a through keyword analysis for your particular company. Keywords are used in all online marketing and are focused on words used by your potential customers. The service provider will identify works that are most commonly used in search engines and then use these words to help promote your business in the future.

It is important to note that internet marketing is not an overnight success. You can’t hire a full service internet marketing company to handle your online reputation and expect to wake up tomorrow morning and be the first name you see when you search for a product or service that you supply. This process takes time and requires constant work and monitoring, but over time you will start to see an improvement as you make your way up the ranks to enjoy success in the long run.

In addition to the services listed above, your full service internet marketing provider should also provide you with a complete competitor analysis, they should assist you with your social media efforts and they should protect your online reputation at all times.


Marketing Ideas

Concert Promotion Tips

If you want to attract a crowd to your concert, you must promote it properly. This applies to clubs churches and other venue owners, and PR firms as well as bands and other talent. Whatever your role in the process, the following concert promotion tips will help you to attract larger audiences.

Concert Promotion Tips For Venue Owners
Venue owners can do many things to enjoy better turnouts for their events.

    • Strategic scheduling. One of the first issues you should address is scheduling. You should be aware of any competing events that are taking place on any given date. You should also keep in mind things like holidays and anything else that might affect turnout. If you’re booking a popular rock band, don’t schedule it on the same night that an even more popular band is in town. In general, the bigger the act, the further in advance the date is scheduled. This gives you plenty of warning for big name acts that could prevent your own show from being a success.


    • Press releases. Make sure you send out press releases to local media well in advance of the date. Don’t overlook the value of sending concert information to free local publications. Most cities have free weeklies that many people read for entertainment news. In addition to event listings, these papers often publish interviews and stories about local concerts.


  • Your venue website. Your venue website should have a professional look and be easy to navigate. It should also provide links to performers’ websites. They should provide you with this, but even if they don’t it’s worth it to do a few minutes of research. Nowadays, almost every performer has either a website, a Facebook page or music posted on sites such as Bandcamp, SoundCloud or other such sites. This is especially important for acts that are not widely known. You should also use social media to promote concerts. Be sure to remind your followers several times about upcoming performances. Some people purchase concert tickets far in advance while others wait until the last minute.

Concert Promotion Tips for Performers
Today, musicians, comics, and other talent must be very proactive about promoting their concerts. Venue owners will, hopefully, do their part in publicizing your event. However, the bulk of the responsibility lies with the artist. You are, after all, seeking to not only have a successful concert but attract more fans and build your brand.

    • Send out press releases and CDs. Send out press releases to the media in the city in which you’ll be performing. You should also send out sample CDs to music reviewers and local DJs. This can result in having your music played on local radio stations and perhaps a chance for an interview before your concert. Many bands schedule concerts to coincide with album releases. If you’re doing this, sending out previews of your album is a good way to get press coverage and, hopefully, airtime for your CD.


    • Your band’s website. Having a good website for your band can help you reach out to more potential fans. While it’s helpful to have social media pages and music posted on sites such as SoundCloud, you should also have your own website. Here you can post as much information about yourself as you want, including photos, videos and, of course, upcoming concert dates.


    • Social Media and email. Be sure to remind your followers about upcoming concert dates on a regular basis. In addition to social media pages, a good way to do this is through an email list. If you don’t already have a mailing list or newsletter, it’s not hard to start building one. You can collect email addresses at every live event as well as online.


    • Videos. Videos are one of the best promotional tools for musicians. These can either be music videos or footage from prior gigs. While you can post sound files as well, a video gives people a more multifaceted look at your act. Footage from a show where audience members are dancing and having a great time is a powerful ad for future concerts. Another great thing about videos is that people love to share them on social media.


    • Posters. Posters are a traditional, pre-internet tactic for promoting concerts that should still be employed nowadays. This is an especially effective strategy for concerts held in cities or downtown areas with lots of foot traffic. Posters should be artistic and eye-catching. Most of all, however, they should convey the essential information about the concert venue and date. You should also list your website on posters. If you’re touring and don’t have time to poster far in advance, you could hire someone to do this remotely. One place to find reasonable freelancers to poster for you is on You simply send freelancers in different cities the template for the poster and they will post them for you.


  • Promote at the concert. Don’t neglect the concert itself as a chance to do more promoting. While it’s too late to promote for that show, you can use this as an opportunity to connect with new fans who may buy your albums and show up at future concerts. Be sure that you have a table with albums and promo material such as t-shirts and bumper stickers.

The Challenges of Promoting a Concert
Promoting a concert today is a challenging task, so the more concert promotion tips you can find the better off your event will be. Not only do you have plenty of competition but it’s often hard to get people to come out for anything these days. At the same time, plenty of successful events do take place every night of the year. To promote today, you must combine a variety of online and offline tactics. You have to provide fans with plenty of advance notice while also reminding them close to the concert date. The above tips will help you attract a larger crowd to your next concert.


Marketing Ideas

Tips for Designing Your Own Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Custom clothing is an increasingly popular choice for people looking to create their own unique looks, and with many excellent companies out there in the marketplace offering these services, it is now easier than ever to design t-shirts, hoodies, swimwear, sportswear and many other types of garment.

With that said, it is not always easy to settle on the right design, and there are some tips that can be kept in mind in order to get the best result. If you are looking to design your own long sleeve t-shirt, here are some pieces of advice to assist you in your creation.

Firstly, be sure that you have a clear idea in mind of what you want to create, and find out whether or not your creation is possible using techniques such as screen printing and embroidery, which are common options provided by custom clothing companies.

This is an important issue, as many people have some very creative ideas about the garment they would like to design, but this is not possible or practical in reality. After coming up with a concept for a design, contact the company that you are thinking about choosing to manufacture your clothing and find out if these options are feasible.

If not, you may have to shop around for a company that can offer you specialised printing services, or modify your design. If you are unsure about how to make your design work, you will often find that many custom clothing companies are more than happy to give advice on modifications that can be made so your garment can be produced.

The next tip to keep in mind when you are looking to design your own long sleeve t-shirt is the sizing of the product, and this is especially important when it comes to long sleeved garments, as there are several factors to take into account, including sleeve length as well as the general size of the garment.

You will often find that custom clothing companies offer a variety of different long sleeve tees with different cuts, sizing, sleeve length and more. This can make it hard to know which is going to be best for your needs. There are a couple of practical solutions to this problem, and the first one is to ask the advice of the company selling the garments.

These professionals will have a more detailed idea about which items may be best for meeting your needs in terms of fit and whether or not they will be suitable for printing or embroidering your design upon. The second solution is to choose what you think is the best garment, and then ask for a sample to be sent to you to try out.

This can eliminate a number of issues, such as sizing and determining whether or not the cut of the garment suits you. You can also test the quality and thickness of the material before you purchase, which can mean that you may avoid wasting a great deal of your money on garments that are not really suitable.

Lastly, make sure that the textiles used are of the highest quality, as this is something that is very hard to determine just by looking at images alone from an online store. Again, getting a sample of the fabric or a sample garment sent to you is the best way to investigate this.

If this is not possible, find out as much as you can about the thickness and composition of the textiles used before you design your own long sleeve t-shirt; along with finding the right printing methods, carefully checking sizing and checking the feasibility of creating your design, ensuring the quality of the fabric will give you the best results.


Marketing Ideas

Outsourced Marketing Tips

One of the most important aspects about marketing today is reputation management and an outsourced marketing firm can help you manage your reputation and gather valuable info from it. Read on to find out why this is so important and how having someone manage it for you can help you grow and succeed in business.

Today’s shoppers have a new savvy about them. Fewer people than ever are impulse buyers. Due to the advent of the internet, people can review, compare, and select items without the help of a sales person. They know how to find out what meets their needs through a few keystrokes. Capitalising on this fact can result in your putting your company and your brand in a position to gain substantial market share. Paying attention to your reputation can help you fine tune it over time. Even if you’re known as a quality in your niche, you can become known as the best and encourage a reputation that becomes a source of word-of-mouth marketing (which is the best because it’s free and it will go viral online)But how do you ensure you’re what the consumer finds as the best choice when you have a business to run?

Outsourced marketing firms will do many things for a business and reputation management is one of those things certain firms can specialise in. They can help you solicit testimonials, gather market intelligence, gather competitive information, optimise good reviews, and help you use this in research and development, in helping you strategise, and in helping you gather business intelligence so that you can continually position your business so that you become known as “best in class”.

Whether you’re a small company looking to appeal to the locals or a national brand who wants to achieve and maintain top spot, managing your online reputation well is going to help you reach your goals. Consumer today don’t just go to the internet to look for brand spec comparisons but they also read comments as well as comment on social networking sites that can influence the decisions of future potential customers. You can’t stop anyone from posting negative feedback if there’s something negative to be said but you can accentuate the positives, learn from the negatives so that you improve your business model, and interact online so that you help deliver the right branding messages. Your participation in the world of social media can help you attract new customers, set the right tone, and improve on your reputation substantially.

A specialised outsourced marketing consultancy with a demonstrated track record in this industry and in brand management can help you.


Marketing Ideas

Network Marketing Tips For Success

A lot of people are online looking for the next best network marketing tips that will send their business to new heights, but the reality is that there is no magic pill that will make everything perfect. The reality is that the best network marketing tips used by the best marketers are the time-tested and battle proven techniques and methods that have been used by Internet marketers for a long time. Using these methods and techniques, professional marketers will develop an overall strategy for success

One of the network marketing tips that I and a lot of marketers use is creating a simple WordPress blog. A blog gives the professional an exceptional platform to market their programs, affiliate products, tools and even their own brand. Having a blog with a unique domain name is a must for the multilevel marketer that is working to brand themselves as an expert and can provide them with a lot of credibility as well.

Once a marketing professional has a blog in place, it is a matter of creating valuable and quality content to put on the blog. You will also want to have the ability to post videos and perhaps an advertising banner or two in the side bar. As far as the content that you place on your blog is concerned make sure you don’t take a short cut here. Start with doing some research.

When internet marketing professionals talk about research online we are generally referring to keyword and key phrase research. This is the research that is conducted in order to tap into existing markets to divert highly targeted traffic to your blog, website or even a splash page with an opt-in form. This is one of the main network marketing tips that you never want to skimp on as doing this properly can ensure that you will get your pages to the first page of the search engines like Google, but doing this poorly will set you back a long way.

One of the best ways to drive this targeted traffic to your blog, and this is one of those network marketing tips that you need to master, is by writing articles. Article marketing is probably one of my favorite traffic generation methods and for a few reasons. First of all, submitting articles to high quality article directories that are already considered “authority” sites with a high page rank gives you a lot of “link juice” with the back-links that you get back to your site.

Second, learning to write articles gives you a bit of flexibility in terms of being able to craft an article around a key phrase or keyword that gets a lot of traffic. If you are able to write a quality article or blog post then you will be able to generate quite a bit of traffic to your blog and ultimately to your programs.

Other network marketing tips that you will want to keep abreast of are:

1)Additional traffic generation methods

2)Generating leads for your program

3)Converting leads into customers and team members

4)Training your team members

While there are no red “easy” buttons to push to put your multilevel marketing program on the path to quick riches, utilizing the proper methods and strategies consistently will get you closer to your goals as an online network marketer. While this can be simple rather than easy it does bring up one of the most effective tips of all and that is to develop and employ a genuine work ethic. If you aren’t willing to work hard to build your dream lifestyle, then who is? Remember that massive effort will have massive results.

No matter what you have been told, realize that you are developing a business and part of creating a successful business requires a vision and the commitment to see that vision to reality. If you are truly ready to create the lifestyle that most only fantasize about, investing the time is going to put you ahead of the crowd. While there aren’t any network marketing tips to make this path and journey to success easy and effortless, I do think that most network marketing professionals would agree that reaching your goals and realizing your dreams is worth the trip.


Marketing Ideas

Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Tips For Newbies

Affiliate marketing is all the rage these days – there are web pages everywhere promoting tips on how to make money online – and why not? It’s a great way to make money. You market the products of others and earn a commission on every sale. You have no inventory, so your cash is readily available, and you take no risk on developing a product. Perfect!

But it’s not necessarily easy money! You might need some affiliate marketing tips before you jump in. Just because you build a website with links doesn’t mean people will visit your site!

You have to have a sound strategy to attract attention to your site, and you have to work at executing it – relentlessly. And you may have serious competition. So if you’ve decided to go for it but haven’t made the first move, here are a few affiliate marketing tips to get you going in the right direction.

Affiliate Marketing Tip 1 – Choose A Product With Minimal Affiliate Competition

This is getting harder these days, but it’s still doable. Of course, if you’re marketing for iPods, you’re going to have some pretty stiff competition. But for other products, the gates are still wide open. Search on the product and see how many marketers are already trailing it.

Affiliate Marketing Tip 2 – Choose A Product That Serves A Niche Market

Niche products may not have high sales when compared to the overall market, but they often have a dedicated following. And since they often serve a very specific function, they’re often nearly necessities.

Affiliate Marketing Tip 3 – Know Your Product And Your Audience

Spend a lot of time making sure you know your product and your audience. What peripheral topics are they interested in that can attract them to my site? What kind of information do they need about the product? Where else can I reach them? How much of their income do they spend on the product? Anything you can learn about your target audience can help you get them through your site, and can help them by giving them useful information.

Affiliate Marketing Tip 4 – Design Your Keywords Carefully And Carry Them Through Your Site

Your keyword strategy IS your strategy, so don’t leave it to guesswork. And don’t pass up opportunities to make it work. First, check it out. The more people using your keyword as their keyword, the more competition you’ll have. Second, carry it through. Use every opportunity to express your keyword on your site, from your URL to page titles to headings. And check out Google’s tips on search ranking. They don’t provide a magic formula, but they do tell you how Google’s page rank gurus think.

Affiliate Marketing Tip 5 – Join An Affiliate Marketing Community

Making money online through affiliate marketing is more than just creating high-converting websites, driving targeted traffic and writing great relevant content; a lot more. There is a host of information that you absolutely need to know if you plan to succeed online. The best thing is to learn from those who’ve been there. Kyle and Carson, started out with Pay-Per-Click budgets of $5/day but have succeeded in making over $1,000,000 with their business, Wealthy Affiliate University.